AI solutions for Market Research

We believe that AI will be at the core of successful market research undertakings of the future.
Our vision is to help drive this shift.

What do we offer?

We provide solutions for automating human intensive tasks and enabling execution of new ideas for market research using AI.

Think of us a world class data science team available on demand.

Auto-Coding of attributes

Analyse an image and get details about the attributes you care about.

Auto-decision making

Automate simple tasks performed frequently by market researchers.

Demographic Analysis

Understand nationality, gender, age based on names and images.

Auto-survey Processing

Understand survey responses using our outstanding NLP stack.

Our Technology

Text Analysis

Deep learning powered capabilities such as analyzing intent, emotion, sentiment and extracting entities from textual data.

Visual Analytics

Analyze images at scale on different dimensions like contents, emotion, age, gender. Customized according to your needs such as identification of brand logo and products.

Contextual Semantic Search

Classify messages based on contextually related concepts. For example segment tweets for uber into concepts like surge pricing, mobile application, safety.

Advanced User Profiling

Segment users based on demographics, interests and intent. Leverage the insights from user behavior on social media to understand if they fit in your target segment.

1 ….…….TEXT  ANALYTICS…………
2  { 
3    Message: “@Uber, the driver (Tony Bridges) was not following
4        navigation. I tried to press the SOS Button but the app was
5        unresponsive. Utterly irresponsible!!! “
6    Intent = “Complaint”
7    Emotion = “Angry”
8    Sentiment = “Negative”
9    Concept= “safety”, “mobile application”
10   Key Entities = “SOS Button”, “Tony Bridges”
11   Key Descriptors = “irresponsible” - - - > “app”  
12  }
13   ….…….IMAGE  ANALYTICS…………
14  { 
15   fileName: AlbertEinsten.jpeg
16   Age: “62 years”
17   Gender: “Male”
18   Tags: “Man”, “Old”, “Moustache”, “Tongue”, “Coat”
19   Emotion: “Neutral”
20  }

Who are we?

We are one of the best applied AI research groups in the world.
We work with two of the world’s top-5 market research firms.

Thought Leadership

One of the most-read AI authors on Quora; widely followed on LinkedIn.


600+ global developers use our NLP technology


Featured in reputed AI blogs and conferences

Our Technology
  • Proven Model

  • Breadth of capabilities

  • Market Research Focus

  • Customised, on-demand solutions

Intended for:
Research from digital media data
Retail and audience measurement
Open ended Surveys
And much