AI-Powered Insights from Digital Media

Karna is a unique solution focused on research using digital media platforms like news, social media, websites and other forums.

What do we offer?

In-depth Research

We provide AI powered in-depth market research reports, customized according to your needs.

Automated Reports

Karna provides reports tailored to serve your unique requirements and are delivered on a browser based interactive dashboard.

AI Technology License

Integrate our technology with your tools to get collective text analysis solutions, delivered in the form of APIs.

What differentiates us

Highly customisable

Custom research tailored specifically for your needs.

The only solution for in-depth research

In-depth analysis done by AI clubbed with human cognition

Wide coverage

Covers popular social media platforms along with custom sources

Unparalleled Technology

We leverage the power of data and AI to deliver insights

Financial Markets

  • Analyse competitive positioning about a company v/s peers through social media reviews.
  • Detect unusual events before they appear in news and get an edge in trading.
  • Objectively understand how people react to a product launch and make the right trades.

Marketing Agency

  • Reports about impact your campaigns are having on the brand
  • Measure if user perception is aligned with brand message
  • Create customized periodic reports for clients about brand health

Market Research

  • Thoroughly research digital media for your brand/product
  • Learning user behavior about a product/service/market
  • Research the market for a new product/service launch

News and Media Agencies

  • One stop shop for getting in-depth stories from social media.
  • Be it covering national elections, gauging people’s reaction to important social events.
  • Reviews for product and movie launches, we have it all covered for you.

Consulting Companies

  • In-depth market research about a client’s products, competitors.
  • Get in-depth understanding about a client’s customer profile to design effective strategies.
  • Analyse client marketing strategy and understand brand positioning.

Enterprise Solutions

  • We can generate customized periodic reports or a one-time in depth research about topics you.
  • Power to choose your preferred digital media and type of analysis
  • Help you understand online conversations at granular level