We are a world class data science team available on demand.
Our extensive stack of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision algorithms enable market research firms to boost the productivity of human capital and explore new research ideas.


Automated Survey Processing

At Karna, we deploy deep learning powered algorithms to automate survey processing.

We help market research firms to identify buying intent, product feedback, feature requirement and problems associated with the product.

Demographic Analysis

Understanding favourable customer demographics is an important task for market researchers. With our Market Research AI solutions, firms can make use of advanced analysis of user demographics.

Visual, textual and social data is analyzed based on age, nationality and region. Further, advanced user profiling is done based on customer's social media activity.


Decision Making for Simple Tasks

Collecting and analysing data for market research involves heavy reliance on human capital. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions help reduce the time and resources applied to such mundane tasks by upto 90%.

These solutions could be related to identifying whether a SKU already exists in the database or a new entry has to be made for it. Tell us about your unique challenges and we will have a solution for you.

Auto Coding of Attributes

We deploy visual analytics algorithms to identify a product and associated meta-data. The underlying technology detects any attribute that is important for you, be it identifying celebrities faces in video stills, objects in an image, brand logos, products and much more.

Use the power of AI to try new ideas for market research at much larger scale and lower cost.


Standard Digital Media Channels


Custom Sources


Digital Media Data Collection

Often, objectivity gets lost in the structured enviornment of interviews and surveys as the customer becomes conscious of the research process. On the other hand, observing people's activity on social media can give powerful and objective signals about underlying market trends.

One of the examples of such automated decision making could be sensing people's fashion choices by analysing Instagram posts or perception towards health through Twitter updates, we do it all. We also gather the underlying data from all the major social media channels.


We are the Market Research AI solutions division of ParallelDots, a premier applied AI research group. ParallelDots provide AI solutions and consulting to some of the largest enterprises in the world. Our APIs are used by 1,000+ developers across the globe.


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