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2.2 mn+

Text Sentences Analysed

0.8 mn+

Images Analysed

4.5 mn+

Video Frames Analysed


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Bring Quant like rigour to the largely qualitative research practice of observing how consumers behave.

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A truly automated solution for gaze-coding for mobile and retail eye tracking research methods.

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An AI based shelf monitoring solution that makes the process of analyzing retail shelf images extremely efficient and flexible

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Automate and derive valuable insights by analysing of millions of open ended text responses in Survey Processing.

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Why karna AI?

The future of insights is Man + Machine

Karna AI is your ideal partner for this journey

Our AI is designed for real world data - which is inconsistent, noisy, and error prone

Automate manual processes and get insights at faster pace and lower cost.

Expand your horizons with new AI research methodologies.


Market Research

Proven ability to surpass human performance in real
world research tasks

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Artificial Intelligence

One of the best applied AI research groups in the world.
One of the most read ML/AI authors on Quora.

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