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How it works?

You tell us about your unique challenges in your workflow and we solve those challenges using AI.
This could relate to automating manual tasks, analysis of unstructured text, demographics, images, videos and much more.

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Analysing Unstructured Text

Analysis of unstructured text is a manually intensive task.

Tell us about any manual text analysis task and we will most likely automate the process for you.

Demographic Analysis

There is lot of latent information available in images and text. Our solutions can extract domain specific intelligence from such raw data.

For example, an image and name of a person can give cues regarding their age, gender, nationality etc. Our existing solutions can derive such insights from raw data.


Decision Making for Simple Tasks

Lot of manual effort is consumed when collecting, processing and analysing data. These operations can be made hugely more productive (or even automated) with latest advances in AI.

We are a trusted automation partner for leading consumer insights/market research companies.

Auto Coding of Attributes

We empower you to automatically capture domain specific insights from unstructured inputs.

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