Our Technology

At Karna, we leverage state-of-the-art Deep Learning powered algorithms to scoop out actionable meaningful insights from unstructured data. Our unparalleled AI focussed technology and research pipeline provides unique market research solutions to companies.

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Visual Analytics

Analyzing visual data is a very important aspect of Market Research. Deploying advanced AI algorithms to generate information from visual data can speed up the research process, thus increasing overall efficiency.

We can analyze images at scale on different dimensions like contents, emotion, age, gender. It can be customized according to the needs of clients such as identification of brand logo and products. Read more

Text Analysis

Market research firms deal with a lot of textual data. Karna provides Deep Learning powered advanced text analytics capabilities for generating meaningful insights from the texts.

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Contextual Semantic Search

Classify text based on the concepts it relates to.

Contextual Semantic Search takes thousands of messages and a concept (specific words your brand can relate to, such as Price) as input and filters all the messages that closely match with the given concept.

A conventional approach for filtering all Price related messages is to do a keyword search on Price and other closely related words like (pricing, charge, $, paid). Contextual Semantic Search on the other hand just takes the name of the concept (Price) as input and filters all the contextually similar data even where the obvious variants of the concept keyword are not mentioned.


Our Publications

Karna AI pursues novel, applied AI research in the field of Computer Vision. Our research work has been published in top Machine Learning conferences like NIPS and ISBI. We have listed below some of our research work in the Computer Vision domain.

12 Dec, 2017

Visual aesthetic analysis using deep neural network.

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16 Oct, 2017

AI matches the accuracy of trained radiologists.

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20 March, 2018

A new undemanding AI method to monitor retail shelves.

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