Win Shoppers in the Store through Perfect Retail Execution

ShelfWatch uses Image recognition techniques to analyze retail audit data and gives an overview of your in-store execution.

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Select a shelf photo from the left or upload your own to check ShelfWatch's AI detection in real-time

Our AI works on Vending Machine under natural lighting to detect your SKUs and merchandising & deliver actionable insights within minutes.

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Our AI works on disorganized retail channels to detect your SKUs and merchandising & deliver actionable insights within minutes

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ShelfWatch integrates seamlessly in your organization

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Data Collection

Mobile application to collect images along with their geo locations

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Specify brand assets

Upload the image of SKUs/POSMs you want the AI to detect in the data collected by you

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Training AI

Training of our AI engine to detect your SKUs/POSMs

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Dashboard with all the insights you need to make your brand stand out

Our thinking

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How AI is transforming the retail strategy for brands

“70% of the consumer’s buying decisions are made in the retail store”.

This is a common anecdote used by market researchers when quantifying the importance of getting the retail strategy right. Even if the 70% figure is an overestimate and the actual number is closer to 50%, the key message for us is that getting a brand’s retail presence right is as important as creating the brand image itself through advertising and shaping the messaging.

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